A Quantitative Tool Designed To Analyze How Sellable Your Business Is

What's Your Business's Sellability Score?

The Sellability Score is a quantitative tool designed to analyze how sellable your business is:

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After completing the questionnaire, you will immediately receive a Sellability Score out of 100 along with instructions for interpreting your results. An advisor will contact you to arrange a review of your full report.

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What Owners Are Saying

"The Sellability Score is easy to use and has a cross-functional way of evaluating a business."

-Business Owner, USA

"An interesting, unbiased, and helpful way to get a handle on how ready one's business is to sell."

-Managing Director, UK

"Good questions. Made me think. Results were reasonable and believable."

-Business Owner, USA

"Very immediate response and kept true to the time it said it would take. Feels very well thought through."

-Business Owner, New South Wales, Australia

"I believe this is a great tool to determine if your business is positioned to sell or not."

-CEO, Alberta, Canada